Wild thing, I think you move me...
John Whitney
A master of computerized title sequences, John Whitney is an unsung hero in the world of motion graphics for his pivotal contributions to Vertigo’s famous opening sequence.

Working with Saul Bass on Vertigo, Whitney was responsible for creating the pendulum that forms the mathematically precise sine waves (geometric oval-shaped spirals), which in the opening title sequence was visually representative of a mind spinning out of control by vertigo.

At one time a director of engineering films on guided missile projects, Whitney’s work with the analog computer gave him worldwide recognition. In 1966 IBM named Whitney its first artist in residence to “explore the aesthetic potentials of computer graphics.”

Whitney’s work during the ’80s and ’90s benefitted from faster computers as well as his invention of an audio-visual composition program called the Whitney-Reed RDTD (Radius-Differential Theta Differential).


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