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Pablo Ferro
While he is considered a master of quick cuts and for using multiple images within a single frame, Pablo Ferro is perhaps best known for his distinctive hand-drawn titles used in Stanley Kubrick’s modern-day classic film Dr. Strangelove.

Starting his career as a comic book artist in the early ’50s, Ferro once collaborated with Stan Lee on a series of science fiction-adventure comics. Ferro later formed a production company in the ’60s where he created numerous cutting-edge television commercials.

Some say that it was Ferro’s experience making commercials that influenced him to bring the flash and dash of “hard-sell” advertising techniques to Hollywood films. By bringing together a combination of still photography, animation, newsreel footage, live-action and more, Ferro creates main titles that “sell” the movie.

Versatile and indefatigable, in 1997 alone, Ferro created main titles for the Academy Award-winning films “Men in Black,” “L.A. Confidential,” “As Good As It Gets” and “Good Will Hunting.”

Described as a genius by Stanley Kubrick, Jonathan Demme has said Ferro is “the best designer of film titles in the country today.”


Allen Ferro on 09.30.2010 HTTP://WWW.ARTBYPABLOFERRO.COM is Pablo's official site. We are currently working on "Larry Crowne" and "How Do You Know"

Please contact the agent listed on his site for further information.

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