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Kyle Cooper
A rock star among his motion graphic-designing peers, Kyle Cooper is modern-day cinema’s leader in cutting-edge title design. After catching the world’s eye with his riveting title credits for the hit movie Se7en, Cooper has continued making outstanding title sequences for over 150 films, including: the Spider-Man film series, Tropic Thunder, Superman Returns, Across the Universe, Mission: Impossible, Sphere, Spawn and Zoolander.
Citing his greatest influences as Saul Bass, and Stephen Frankfurt’s immortal opening title sequence for To Kill a Mockingbird,” Cooper has gone on to single-handedly revitalize a once overlooked element of filmmaking.

Digging under the surface of a movie, Cooper taps into the symbolism of the story to create two-minute masterpieces that act as prologues to the film.

“[Cooper’s] opening and closing credits are so good,” said critic Elvis Mitchell, “they're almost worth sitting through the film for." Dawn of the Dead director, Zach Snyder adds, “[he’s] the guy who makes title sequences better than the movie.”

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