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Maurice Binder
The name is Binder…Maurice Binder. And he is the man who is responsible for creating the provocative, sensuous and absolutely unforgettable title designs for 14 of the James Bond films.

Beginning his career designing ads and catalogs for Macy's, Binder got his first big break working for director Stanley Donen, with whom he worked regularly from 1958 on.

It was the title sequence for Donen's The Grass Is Greener that caught the eye of the James Bond film producers, which lead to a lifelong collaboration.

For his first Bond film, Dr. No, Binder created the dots that appear at the start of the title sequence, which famously turn into the gun barrel that frames James Bond firing his gun at the camera. This was an actual gun barrel that Binder photographed using a pinhole camera.

Binder's lavish James Bond title sequences are also well known for their scantily clad and often discreetly naked women shown in shadow and silhouette doing any number of activities, including dancing, swimming or running. Indeed, Mr. Binder’s colleagues and associates have often commented on how easily he managed to get his models to remove their clothing for his shoots.


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