Wild thing, I think you move me...
  • A master of computerized title sequences, John Whitney is an unsung hero in the world of motion graphics for his pivotal contributions to Vertigo’s famous opening sequence.
  • A rock star among his motion graphic-designing peers, Kyle Cooper is modern-day cinema’s leader in cutting-edge title design. After catching the world’s eye with his riveting title credits for the hit movie Se7en, Cooper has continued making outstanding title sequences for over 150 films.
  • “It has never been my object to record my dreams, just the determination to realize them.”
  • His name is Binder…Maurice Binder. And he is the man who is responsible for creating the provocative, sensuous and absolutely unforgettable title designs for 14 of the James Bond films.
  • Due to financial adversity, German filmmaker Oskar Fischinger created one of cinema’s more unique films.
  • While he is considered a master of quick cuts and for using multiple images within a single frame, Pablo Ferro is perhaps best known for his distinctive hand-drawn titles used in Stanley Kubrick’s modern-day classic film Dr. Strangelove.
  • For his unforgettable, cutting-edge work with cinematic titans such as Hitchcock, Preminger and Scorsese, Saul Bass is considered the undisputed originator of film title design.